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Repairs to defective components, Scheduled overhauls, Modifications and reliability enhancements, Investigation of in-service failures, Supply of spare parts

We work on equipment originally manufactured by Peters Doors, Westinghouse, Parker, IFE, and Chapman and MTB (seat manufacturers).

We overhaul and repair pneumatic actuators, control valves, control modules, sander valves, door mechanisms, driver seats and second-man seats.

Spare parts are supplied for all the above. Where the original manufacture is no longer in business, parts are manufactured strictly in accordance with the original design or specification.

Class 165/166 door actuator
Class 320/321 cab door actuator
KV door actuator
Class 313 door actuator
Class 445 sander valve
Class 458 sander valve
Overhauled Westinghouse door trolley
Class 313/314/507/508 pull back springs
Chapman seat
Second man seat
Class 168 drivers seat
Westinghouse crew valve
Button emergency valve
IFE emergency crew valve
TfL: replacement for Peters door valve
985335 Roller Drive Arm
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