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About us

Mark Jones joined the company in 1992 and is now our managing director. Tony Peck, the founder, remains technical consultant. As consultants we have undertaken major projects in train door system up-grades and seating, and have been responsible for design, prototypes, installation procedures, commissioning, and technical manuals. We have also carried out investigative work relating to rail door failures and reliability enhancement.

Our past design and development projects have included:
  • Complete door system Class 142/143/144 DMUs(For Peters Doors Systems)
  • Self-closing partition doors, Class 317-7
  • Powered interior door, Mk3 coach
  • Powered vestibule door, Mk2e coaches
  • Powered end doors, Class 317/1
  • Class 323 passenger seating
  • Class 313 re-seating

We have participated in major door overhaul programmes, including:
  • Class 313 (C6), Class 321 (C6), Class 320 (C6), Class 321/9 C6,
  • London Underground D8 stock, Isle of White Heritage Railway

We specialise in door equipment overhaul and repair work, and in the supply of spare parts, particularly for trains fitted with Peters, Westinghouse, Tebel and IFE (Knorr-Bremse) doors.

We also undertake the repair and scheduled overhaul of driver and second-man seats.
In accordance with ISO9001:2015, all overhaul work is carried out in accordance with detailed written procedures agreed with our clients, and fully traceable records are kept of every repair carried out, all safety-critical items or complex items being given individual serial numbers.

Our detailed records have enabled us to identify fault trends which affect the reliability of the equipment submitted to us for repair. Based on these, we have developed modifications for many items aimed at enhancing reliability. These have been approved by our clients, or by the original equipment manufacturer, and are implemented at overhaul.
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